From the Rev’d Dr. Cathy Laufer, Diocese of Southern Queensland

Schism in the Church is always a cause of grief. This is not how it should be. But there comes a time when, like Martin Luther, we must assert, ‘Here stand I, I can do none other.’

I believe now is such a time …

     … a time to stand with LGBTIQ+ Anglicans,

     … a time to re-receive Scripture in the light of new knowledge,

     … a time to confirm our Anglican stool of Scripture, tradition, reason and experience,

     … a time to listen deeply to one another, even (especially?) those with whom we disagree,

and most especially, a time to affirm our faith in the triune God who continues to call us to new and creative understandings of God and ourselves.

And so, my response to those who maintain I am not truly a priest, to those who accuse me of not being a true follower of Christ, is that, in the light of Christ’s call on my life and my integrity, ‘Here stand I, I can do none other.’

– The Rev’d Dr Cathy Laufer
Holy Spirit Anglican Church
Coolum Beach, Qld

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