The healing of all things

A bit of inspiration from the Primate’s address to General Synod:

“Baker and Ross ask their readers to imagine the church and to ‘imagine that church is not the point of church, rather church exists to participate in the healing of all things the world, its people, the planet itself. Church is God’s people participating in that liberation, a communion in mission. Church is Christ’s body prolonging the logic of the mission and ministry of Jesus Christ in the world’.

Baker and Ross suggest that mission is a longing to see all things renewed – our relationship with God and with one another, with our environment and species, with our societies, our world, and our cosmos. It is the healing and redemption of all things..”

The book referred to is “Imagining Mission” by Jonny Baker and Cathy Ross.
The primate’s address can be found here:…/05/GS18-Presidents-address.pdf

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